Change Student's Gear from Teacher account

Many of students cannot access Classcraft from home or their phone as they not have wi-fi at home or do not wish to waste data at school or home on their phones. However they still wish to change their gear and often ask me to do.

However there was no way for me to change their gear and clothes for them. Can it be changed so that from the teacher's account a teacher can change each of their students gear, AKA buying the gear, changing it and saving their look from my account so they do not have to access their look.

I think this would be a useful feature to have especially for students who do not have wi-fi or access to computers, students can still do it themselves from their own accounts, but I think teachers must be able to do it as well from their teacher account.

Hi Dan,

One thing that I've personally done is to create student accounts myself (First name last initial for the username and a generic password) using the student database, then access them on a separate device (another computer, iPad, etc.). This allows kids with difficulties accessing the content outside school an opportunity to shop, customize, and enjoy the class content without needing those resources at home. 

Of course, it would be ideal for teachers to be able to access the students' gear and pet settings to help, but this was the best workaround I could come up with.

I have done this to, but it is very very inconvenient having to log out and log in, remember all those details and especially in class in front of learners.

Furthermore some learners were able to create their own account initially due to special access, but then can no longer access it, so it is difficult for me to know their passwords, I will have to look up their usernames as they often forget their own username and password, since they only logged in once.

Hi Dan,

In order to help your students change their gear, you could access their accounts from your computer by opening their accounts in an incognito window (This will allow you to have both your teacher account open and theirs at the same time). 

If your students forgot their username and password, you can see their username and change their password in the "Students" section of your class settings. I would also suggest you keep a spreadsheet of the student's passwords in case they forget them and to help you connect to their accounts with them.

On the teacher homepage, hover over the circular bubble on your class card and select "Settings." Then click on the pencil button across from a student's name. A pop-up will appear with the option to change their character, change their password, and will allow you to see their username.

You can learn more here: 

Thanks for the techniques Nicholas, but I already use most of these. I still feel however it is a very round about way to the problem and would be simpler to be able to access it from my account instead of multiple log ins, extra excel sheets, incognito windows and asking students for passwords.

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