A way to remove or have no due date

I'm finding the due date section on the assignment feature a pain. Google classroom lets you select "no due date" but this doesn't carry through to classcraft. If their no way to not have a due date in classcraft? I'm currently setting all due dates for next year

I just want my students to go through the quests at their own pace, not have to worry about due dates and assignments being "late". It also makes importing quests a pain

It would also be useful as we 'roll over' our classes each year.

Hey Cherie and Jared!

We gave you an option to set a due date but never thought about giving you the option to not set any :)

I'll send this feature request to our engineers, hopefully we can add an option in the task settings in Quest to set something like 'No due date'. 


Also good would be the option to 'adjust dates by X' when copying a quest.

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