Upload Own Pictures for Team Crest

I think it would be more interactive and customisable if the teacher could upload their own pictures for the teams Crest. I find learners are often disappointed with the limited choice of logos that often do not match the team name. It would be nice if the teacher could upload a picture for each teams Crest, that way they could find pictures matching the teams names or learners could even submit their own online drawings for crests, to really make it feel like the team belongs to the students.

Hi Dan,

Adding more customization options is always something we are looking into. I will add the possibility to create your own crest pictures to our feature request platform as well :)

Thank you for your suggestion!

Just bumping this because it deserves to be bumped. Can we get this? :)

Our school uses a house system, and I think this would be a GREAT way to integrate Classcraft with our house system!

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