[Solved] API

Since you already have a partner with LRNG, does that mean that you have an API available now?

I would really like to integrate the online games I've created for the class, and would design more if they played nicely with CC.

There is an API: https://developers.classcraft.com/

However you need a Dev-Account to be able to access it. I'm currently waiting to hear back on that. Martina from CC said the API is sth quite new for them, so I guess they're still figuring out internally on how wide they want the access to be spread (ie. is it ok for a "normal teacher" to get access? Or only companies?) but that's speculation on my part.

Hi Jared,

I have created a ticket from your question and will get back to you via email to ask for more information. As Adrian said, we want to gather a bit more information on who uses our API instead of giving free access to everyone at the moment.

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