First user in district

I’d like to know what you recommend as a first user in the district. I don’t have funding from the district but I’m willing to pay out if pocket for it as a pilot for my school. I am really hoping to integrate more technology in my Special Education classroom. Do you have links to or comments from other teachers in this field who can give me a General Feedback if how well it works in their class/ what they do to make Classcraft success?

Hi Rebecca,

I am also the first user in my district to use Classcraft.  I actually started using it in student teaching which was a big help when it came time for my own classroom.  I am very lucky to have a one to one school where every student gets a Chromebook.  I allow the students time to check their avatars, look at the equipment and pets, and see if I posted a quest for them. I can definitely say that it works.  It does not work for everyone, but for my gamers (which are sometimes my harder to reach students), it is amazing.  They are constantly asking me when I will post a new quest so they can get more points.  It think it is definitely worth the money and I wish more people knew about it. I have shown it to several co-workers and I'd like to incorporate it into my grade level more next year. If you look on more of the forums and posts, you will find other teachers who talk about how they use it in their classrooms.  Personally, I find the random event posts very helpful with coming up with new random events. Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions. 

Hi Rebecca,

I was a first user in my district as well. Initially, I started with just the free version of Classcraft, and that's great to get started, but the Premium version is hands-down the best way to get kids excited about the game. In my district, we have a PTCA where we can request up to $150 for materials and/or other resources that would help our classrooms. I was able to start my Premium Classcraft journey there.

My students absolutely love Classcraft, and I spend a good amount of time prior to officially starting it (approximately 2-3 days) to give them a proper introduction, discuss the three different classes, the skill trees, etc. Kids that have had behavior problems in the past, I've found, quickly settle down once Classcraft starts (either due to their own choice or because their table group is holding them accountable).

I still hear kids throughout the year asking each other what powers they have or have used in Class, and students at the end of the year will ask me if I'm using it next year.

Overall, it's a fantastic behavior management tool. I still need to explore it more, but there's apparently a really nice bridge between Classcraft and PBIS as well.

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