[Solved] Customer Service

I love Classcraft, and my students do, too. Last year, I purchased it for my students, and it has made a world of difference. It was worth every penny, and I didn't mind paying for it. 


This year, I had about $100 to spend in my class, and my school was perfectly willing to apply the money via school credit card to my account, but they needed the taxpayer ID information to add Classcraft as a vendor for records keeping. All I needed was a phone number for someone who could provide this information, and I would not have had to purchase it again this year. I tried the "zendesk" help, and I ended up just paying out of my own pocket.

Here are the things I learned in the process:

There is no customer support phone number, and evidently, Classcraft operates with no phone number at all.

Some customer service reps do not understand that a school credit card works exactly like your own credit card.

Some CSRs keep trying to refer you to your "school account manager," when your school doesn't have an account. 

Some CSRs insist that there will be a $50 service fee for all POs, even though you aren't trying to pay with a PO. 

Live chat customer service reps are probably bots.

Some teachers have no patience with bots. 

Hi Liz, 

Thank you for reaching out.

We aren't bots, we promise, our pictures are on our Company website as well as the support site. 

The intricacies of school budgets can be complicated at times and we do our best to understand however misunderstandings can occur.

We apologize if our agents had misunderstood your initial request. We will follow up with you via your open ticket as well. 

We're actively working on improving this process internally to avoid any future misunderstandings. 

Official comment

I'm so relieved to know you are not bots! :)  Now, can I have $100? (It's worth a try!)  

I am finding the same problems with trying to get my class update code re-emailed to me. I accidentally deleted the first code email and although it's only been 24 hours since my first request, my students are going crazy waiting for their first quest! How do I get someone to talk to me, email me or otherwise answer my question outside of school hours? When I have time to "talk" with them, they are no longer available. I just get the standard email that says they will get back to me when they're back at their desks. Help!!!

They did respond today with my code. We are up and running! I have some excited students.

Why is everything over e-mail or "live chat" do you not own a telephone. Making the process irritating!


Hi Amber!

Thank you for reaching out to us!

We appreciate your input, at this time we are still a small support team and are therefore unable to offer expedient and comprehensive telephone support for all of our clientele. We answer all our email and chat queries as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

We're glad that one of our colleagues has since reached out to assist you. If there is anything else we can assist you with please let us know, we're always happy to help. 

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