Update to the CC Images file?

I have used the CC Images zip file in the past for creating some in-class signage and such, but the files are pretty outdated. Is there file going to be updated with new graphics? For example: the pets folder only includes only the first 3 pets for each type.


 Hello Jeff, 

Thanks for sharing this. I will be sending your request up the chain!



Hi, at what level can a student get a pet?  My students are in the teen levels (we began not long ago) and they told me they are training their pets often.


I'm not a gamer so I am not savvy at all!  


Thank you for your time!

Unless things have changed (and they unfortunately, often do in Classcraft and not for the better...), it should take them 10 quests or approx. 30 days of training before it can be "equipped."

Thank you!

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