2 Questions - Random Events and Time Management

7th grade math. Second year using ClassCraft.


My first question is simple. How often do you have your class do random events? I have 74 random events and I do one every day after the warm up at the beginning of class. This leads into my second question.


How do you manage your classroom time during events or situations were mass damage is distributed to students? As the game is now there is no way for the warriors in my class to use the Protect skill and block damage for their team at their seats. This forces me (the teacher) to ask the warriors if they would like to protect each student in there team, then move to the next team and ask, then the next, and so on. This process is taking 10 to 15 mins, which in my opinion is to long to simply distribute damage.  Is there another way? Are the developers working on a way the students can react at their desk instead of the teacher? 

Sorry for the typing errors. Rushing to get this done between periods.


I use the Random Event at the beginning of the class each day.  If I were to come to some event, like yours, where it effects multiple students, I would use the delayed damage feature.  I would then go to their group, during work time, or they come to my desk and ask them how they want to handle the damage.  I don't know if there is a better way to do this, but that's what I would do.

I also do Random Events at the beginning of the class each day. However, I also have the rule that no powers can be used during Random Events. That is, if the event calls for damage, students can not protect their team.

I tell my students events can be good or bad, we have to get through them. I encourage students to heal or transfer Mana afterwards during working time too.

Thank you. I like both of those suggestions.

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