Personalized bosses.

Would be amazing if you could let us import an image for boss battles instead of using one of yours.  My students really want to defeat Dr. Collins, the mad scientists who is spreading the purple pathogen through the forests of Elona.  Instead, they have to defeat a Warbler.  It is stifling my writing in the quests, forcing me to include your bosses in the storyline so they make sense in the boss battle.  I actually really like your bosses.  They look cool, but it would be amazing if you let us put in our own images.  Students could take me on as the final boss!  They would go nuts for that.  "You going down Snyder!" I can hear it now. 

I think this is a great idea! There are also very artistic students who would love to see their own creation come to life.


It would be great if we could choose to upload our own images for Boss Battles and Quest maps.  We can already upload images and files for tasks, so the onus is already on the teachers to respect copy write/etc.  There are a limited number of maps, and even if more are made, there are many times I will STILL want something special.  Not all quests, to me, are geographical in nature.  I would love to have a quest map that is a picture of a toolbox where they unlock new tools for example.  I recognize that allowing imported images makes it more likely that a battle/quest will not have the same level of quality as something done by a professional artist - but having something look pretty is not my primary concern - teaching and learning is.

Thank you for sharing this great suggestion with us, everyone!

I have taken note of it and will be sharing it with the team for their consideration! :)

You can right click and go to "inspect element"  then find where it says 


delete the url and add a transparent one that you'd like to replace it with.  The job is done.  

My new personal favorite


An excellent idea! I was just google searching if this can be done, is being added, or if I would just have to place around with the temp code. Thank you for your posts and glad to see others are thinking the same thing.

Hey scott! Would you mind telling me how you uploaded those pngs? i downloaded and tried converting to get them to work but they arent letting me past them!

I simply went to google to find an image I wanted.  Then I right clicked the image and selected "Copy image address".  You then go to classcraft, start a battle and right click the part of the page where the old boss was situated.  Click, inspect element and replace the URL text that the website referenced for its image and replace it with your new url. 

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