Converting ClassCraft Stats into a Participation/Citizenship Grade

How would you recommend converting students' ClassCraft stats into a Participation/Citizenship grade that can be used for their report cards?

I would like help with this too!

Hi Martin,

I'm not sure I would.  Classcraft stats come from more than behavior (unless you leave out parts of the game).   For example, a student can lose health through a random event that had nothing to do with their personal behavior or classroom citizenship.  And they can gain XP through random events, good grades, and other non-behavioral things as well.   So for XP or Health to reflect only participation and good behavior, you'd need to eliminate all the random events that gave XP or dealt Health damage AND not use the game to convert grades either....    

Of those two things, I think the random events are probably the bigger issue.  You don't want students dreading events because they might lose health from one and it could affect their report card!

You could use it indirectly.  For example, you could create a leaderboard poster for your classroom and have a token or sticker that represents each students and place them on the board based on just the RELEVANT aspects of where they are in the game, then use that leaderboard for the participation/citizenship grade.  Would something like that work?  

Thank you. That makes sense. I have, however, customized all my ClassCraft behaviors to be based on citizenship and not based on academic performance. (I haven't started using Random Events yet.) So I was thinking of converting HP into a citizenship grade. I think of two possible complications with that though: (1) The different types of characters (Warrior, Mage, Healer) begin with different amounts of HP. So a Warrior could lose a lot more HP (AKA act out a lot more negative behaviors) than a Mage and still have more HP. (But I would NOT want to give that Warrior a better citizenship grade than that Mage.) (2) I'm not sure how I would translate a student's "falling in battle" to a citizenship grade in a way that isn't completely demoralizing/demotivating to that student. (i.e. There should be a hope for redemption.)

Possibly helpful question: Is there a way to view (or better, import an Excel sheet of) each student's total lost HP over a given period of time?

So far as I know, there isn't a way to do that.  You can view the past week or month, etc. by clicking the analytics button in the menu (4th from the bottom on the left side), but that just gets you something like this:

This is from my class and you can see this student lost health on the 11th, but due to a random event, not due to their actions....  

You can also show it in a list view.   But so far as I know, you cannot export this data.  Maybe there is a way if you use Google Classroom - and if so, perhaps another ambassador can chime in.   We;re required to use Blackboard at my school, not Google Classroom, so those aren't features I can take advantage of .  :-( 

If you were to do this and the problem is the stats of the 3 different types of characters you could just use the character customization tool to make all 3 classes have the same HP so that everyone has the same starting point.

I give a participation grade out of 25 points every two weeks.  I carry around my Ipad during class for everything that we do in class and I award participation (XP) during class every day.  Each time a student participates, they earn 10XP.  After the 2 weeks are up, I go to the analytics page and mark down how many times each student participated for those 2 weeks.  I then put those numbers on a scale to figure out what their score would be out of 25.  I start with the student who has the highest number of participation points.  My students know that they have to participate in order to receive participation points in those 2 weeks.  I usually remind them to not allow the same students to volunteer all of the time because it would put everyone else's participation grade in jeopardy of going lower.  It really forces (most) kids to participate regardless if they are wrong and they have benefits of gaining experience in the game and also for their grade at the same time.  Works like a charm.  I hope that helped!

My approach to this is simple (I think).

Classcraft is its own reward, but for those that have cleared their laments/sentences, I give you your level in extra credit that goes into the Major (60% of average) category.

It affects things not that much, but helps their average.

Like Nicholas I think of CC as it's own reward.   But I've also changed the powers quite a bit.  I teach adult students who don't care about things like being able to move where they sit or open a window (and most of ours are bolted shut anyway!).   They wanted more powers that directly helped their grade.   So EVERY character class gets:

  • Extend an assignment by 24-48 hours (depending on term length)
  • Revise a paper or discussion post
  • Get hints about the upcoming exam
  • Use hard-copy notes on an exam

And I give quite a bit of XP for participating.  So even students who struggle on assignments and exams can move up levels and get these powers if they regularly and actively participate in class and online.  

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