Assign a Quest

OK, so another suggestion to add upon the huge heap of requests from people (so, I understand this won't happen soon as there are a ton of things on the list, let alone actually programming the features into the website).

It would be great to assign students to a specific quest. I know not everyone would want that, so it should be an option for teachers to either assign specific students or let students start the quest on their own (the way it is right now). I have quests and some of my students don't start the quest so I can't give them credit for finishing the assignments that go with that quest. I also see that this can help with assigning quests to specific user (I have seen somewhere in the forums where people have wanted to only have healers go through a specific quest).

As always, thank you so much for the great product. I and my students love using it to build a community in my classrooms.

This would be doable if they just make it possible to claim tasks that are not unlocked.

You could make a task but not have any links to it on the map.  That way, the only way students can find it is if they are given the URL. (Which would also be awesome for things like putting QR codes for rewards inside of breakout boxes...)

Thinking about this from a programming perspective, it would be great if each quest could have a box where you can change 'number of prerequisites required' which by default is set to 1.

This would make the quests paths work as they currently do, but setting it to '0' would allow for a LOT of functionality (including the above). Setting it higher would allow for a 'complete all branches' kind of quest map.

It would also allow people to 'break' the quests, but that is already possible anyways by just not linking to a task, accidentally not turning on self-claiming, etc.

Thanks for the suggestions, guys!

These are awesome! I have taken note of them and will be sharing them with the team for their consideration. :)


So, has anything more been done about this? I have a "stacked" class, where I have 2 classes in one class period. I have all of them in one class on Classcraft, but I would like to assign each group their own quests.

I think the solution that I have seen for this came several months ago. The "introduction" to a quest is now a "Self-Paced Progress" option for the Objective. This allows you as the Game Master to mark the students that you want to go on the quest as "Progress Satisfactory" and the students that you don't want to go on the quest as "Progress Unsatisfactory." I've used this on the quests that I mentioned and it has worked well. It also helps me to make sure every student that I want on the quest is there. In the past I had to try and incentivize my students with XP and GP to actually start the quest. Now I can just go in and start them on the quest.

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