Do quests work in the phone app yet?  Will they before you discontinue the online content?

Most of my students use their phones to access CC, so I am not sure how next year will go if I am suddenly losing their ability to access my online materials.

Hi Jared,

You will be glad to read that we have recently updated our mobile app and students can now access their quests entirely through the companion app!

You can safely transition over to Quests instead of the Interactive Classroom content.

How do I access them?  I can't find a quest button in the app.

(I am version 3.3.0, which is all that comes up in the play store.  Is that current?)

Hi Jared, 

I just had a quick look, and we are currently on version 3.4.0.. You may be able to get the latest version by uninstalling and reinstalling the app. 

As of today, Quests are only available on mobile for the student account. That is most likely why you are having trouble locating it on your end.

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