Hi everyone.


I used Classcraft a couple of years ago and trialled it again at a new school over the past year, however due to not getting permission from admin particularly quickly, nor them agreeing to premium, I didn't really utilise it very well. The students liked it, especially random events, and they loved quests (when I had the premium trial). I'm hoping to meet with admin again, they are open to discussion and are interested but also the kind of people who put things on the back burner and if you don't hassle constantly (and who has time to do that?!) things don't get done. 

Anyway, my actual question here is...I really want to develop some sort of storyline for students, that follows through with the curriculum in class. I teach Individuals and Societies, Grade 8 (Humanities, 13-14 year olds). Has anyone done this and would be willing to share? Does anyone have any ideas of how I could do this effectively? 

Thank you :)

Hi Victoria, 

You can absolutely do that and I know a lot of us have.  I don't go quite that far - I just have an overall theme of "heroes" in my history classes.  Students do a number of hero themed assignments - analyze myths, share their own personal heroic journey (based on Joseph Campbell's Hero with 1000 faces), discuss Great Man theory of history, imagine time-travelling back to interview an accomplished person from the past and ask them about THEIR heroic journey, and so on... 

One resource I can enthusiastically recommend is Lee Sheldon's book, The Multiplayer Classroom.  He does exactly this!  And you can find discussions about the book and even a presentation he gave on YouTube:

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