Completely lost, need advice!

I am looking to implement this for a self-contained middle school class, with 5-6 students.  There will be 3 teachers (1 for Math, 1 for Sci/SS and 1 for L.Arts) going into the room for their subjects and 2 aides that will also need access to the program to monitor the students' behaviors.  I am half-way through the webinar and still a bit confused on how this will work for our class.  If anyone has any answers/insight into some of my dilemmas, I would greatly appreciate it!

-If we only have 5-6 students in class, and they create their Avatars, do they each have to be a Mage, Healer, Warrior, etc.?  Like, one of each?

-Since we will have multiple teachers and aides utilizing the program, does it have to be set up just through 1 person?  Or can it be done via Google Classroom and each person can log in and access it, create quests, etc.?

-This is a class for students with behavioral disabilities, so we would like to create our class-wide behavior chart (with 5 Levels), based off of ClassCraft; is this possible?  For example, can we create a "realm" or "kingdom" perhaps, with 5 levels (for example, Level 1-Dungeon, Level 2-Fortress, Level 3-Forest, Level 4-Temple, Level 5-Kingdom), and set the parameters for each level in order for them to move up, gain power, etc.

I know that's a lot haha but we are really hoping to get this going so we can start with the students at the beginning of school in a few weeks!


Hi Jessica,

For a very small class with 5-6 students, you would put all the students in one team.  You would need at least one students to be a Mage, at least one to be a Warrior, and at least one to be a Healer.  If you have 6, then it would work best with 2 of each character class.  Obviously with 5 students, you couldn't quite do that.  I think if I had 5 students, I'd probably go with 2 warriors, 2 healers, and one mage.  

Classcraft doesn't let you create multiple teacher accounts for one class.  But you could do a shared account where all of the teachers and aids know the user name and password.  Or just the teachers if you'd rather have them be the ones entering XP, assigning health damage, etc. 

I'm not quite able to visualize what you mean with a class behavior chart.   You can certainly use any sort of classroom story or structure along with Classcraft.  But it sounds like it might be duplicating what Classcraft does and be confusing to students.   Would a student understand if they were in Level 1 - Dungeon on the board, but were 5th level in the game?   Would these correspond at all?  If the levels on your board reflect how well the students are behaving, then it seems it would correspond to HEALTH in the game.  So maybe instead of calling the stages on your board levels, you could name them based on health and move students on the board based on how much health they have in the game - low health (almost Falling in Battle) would be in the hospital, where they had fewer privileges.  Full health would be the gymnasium, where they would have full access to classroom privileges?  

To see how the system you're planning to use physically IN the classroom will mesh with the game, I would suggest creating a class and putting all of your teachers and aides in it as students.  Try "playing" it for a day as students and see what the whole experience is like!

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