Multiple Characters in one account

Something I would love to see in classcraft would be the ability to have students create a seperate character for their classes under one email (that way it can be linked to google classroom). I have used the multiclass feature with other teachers and have had mixed results. Last year there were 3 of us at my school who used classcraft and with one teacher it worked well since she consistently used it in class and students were able to earn XP for both my class and her class. One of the other teachers however set it up but never really used it in class or used it inconsistently.

As a result, students who had both my and the other teacher got discouraged since the XP they had to earn was over twice as much as the rest of the class and they never got XP in their other class (only in my class). I did speak to the teacher and he started to use it more but then stopped using it entirely. They stopped caring in my class and ultimately it started to effect the rest of the class's attitude towards classcraft. 

I would love the ability for a student to set up a character that is used in my class only but they can still have another character for their other class. I know students can just set up another account but that would need it would not be linked through google classroom (which is a feature I use almost on a daily basis). I think it would also be great for students to experience different character types so they can be a healer in Math but maybe a mage in Science.

I think this is a great idea and would love to see happen

Hi Tiana!

I've got some ideas that I think might help you out. It sounds like your main problem stems from the multi-class feature. Actually, if you link your students' characters with other teachers, those teachers can adjust their class settings (like how much XP it takes for students to level up, how much AP is regenerated every night, etc.). I share my students with our math teacher and our counselor. The math teacher uses it fairly often, but not as much as I do; the counselor uses it on rare occasions. All of our settings in multi-class stack for students, so we've got it set like this:

  • XP required to level up: 1499 (my class) + 500 (math class) + 1 (counselor "class"). Students who have just me (and the counselor--we both have them all) it takes them 1500 XP to gain a level. If they also have the math teacher, it takes them a total of 2000 XP to level up.

If a teacher you've linked with stops using Classcraft altogether, an alternative could also be to unlink your accounts.

To your second problem about character classes: in my "item shop", I've created the option for students to purchase a "class reroll" for 100 GP (an amount that I've found is just right--it's not pocket change, but it's not impossible either) t hat allows them to change their class. You can change this for them in the settings. Another idea would be to customize one of the character abilities to enable the use of an ability of another class.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions or thoughts, and good luck!

I agree with Tiana. I don't like being forced into the Multi-class option. Our school uses G-suite, so when I tried to sync with Google classroom, the only way I could add my kids was by using Teacher Connect because another teacher had already added kids. I'm trying to set my kids up for the first time, and they were already assigned character class by the other teacher. I want my kids to be able to pick (and they want to pick as well), but they can't, and if I undo Teacher Connect, I can't sync with Google classroom anymore. I wish kids had the ability to have multiple avatars so that I can run the game the way I want independent of how the other teacher runs it.

Hi everyone!

I sent the very good points you brought up to our development team and we will be reviewing them to see what could be done to alleviate some of the issues discussed here.

Thank you very much for sharing, we always strive to improve Classcraft to make it as easy to use as possible for our teachers.


This is a great idea. My students would also want the option to have a different character in their class from my class (I teach art). They want to experience ClassCraft as the different character options (warrior, mage, healer) and letting them switch takes away all that they have bought with their GP.

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