Class Customization HP/AP Regen

I think it would be appropriate to have the ability to customize hp/ap regen rates that are specific to character class.

For instance

Warrior - regen 2 HP/day - 2AP/day

Healer - regen 1 HP/day - 3AP/day

Mage - regen 0 HP/day - 5AP/day

I feel like mages, as the spellcasters, should have superior AP regen rates, while warriors as the tanks should have superior HP regen rates.

Not saying everyone has to agree with my setup, however, if we were all given the ability to customize HP/AP regen rates and make those regen rates class-specific, that would be cool.

Hey, Aaron! 

Although the gamer in me wants to say this is an awesome idea (because it actually, really is!), I do believe it might be hard to have something like this in Classcraft, for two reasons. 

1. Not all teachers who use Classcarft are gamers. It may be hard to explain this kind of game mechanic to some, when sometimes grasping the idea of XP, GP, and HP can be a little tough. 

2. This would make it much more difficult for teachers to balance points, when students are being shared by more than one teacher. 

That being said, we always love getting feedback and new ideas from our awesome community, and so I will definitely be passing this on to the team! :-)

Thank you!

How does a student regen HP once they lose it?

There are several ways that HP can be regenerated:

  1. One of their healer teammates cast a Heal spell on them
  2. You, as the Gamemaster can give (or take away) HP directly by clicking on the +/- button, and then entering a value in the HP box
  3. If you want them to regenerate HP naturally over time, you need to do this:
  • click on configure class (gear icon, lower left)
  • click on Game Rules (right below ADVANCED)
  • the HP Regen is 2nd from the top under game rules, the numbered entered here is how many HP every character will regenerate every 24 hours.
  • Don't forget to hit SAVE at the bottom once you've made changes to suit your preferences.

In response to Andrew, right here in game rules would be a easy spot to incorporate my suggestion of modifiable regen rates.  You can always have default settings for the non-gamer teachers out there, but those of us with gaming experience, and who recognize the importance of game balance (like, warriors have 50 more HP than mages, but mages have only 20 more AP than warriors, seriously?! this is not good game balance) should be permitted the option of customization.

Regarding the extra difficulty for teachers sharing students, leave it up to the teachers to coordinate, most of us are pretty darn good at working together toward common goals.  Sharing students already locks the class HP/AP maxes (which is horrible).  If teachers sharing students both agree on the game rule settings that they want for HP/AP maxes, then that should be an option that is available to them.  

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