End of class single random check (such as clean floor, notebooks put away, etc.)?

Hello. I'd like to have a single random check at the end of class which would give the whole class GP or XP if done (but not necessarily penalize anyone if it's not done - ain't nobody got time for a whole class HP loss!)

Another teacher does this every day by rolling a die and gives the whole class the schoolwide token economy for things like "notebooks are in order", "no one was tardy", "no trash on the floor", and the like. I could probably do it with a spinner, but I'd like to keep things like this in the game as much as possible. 

Is there any way within the game to do this? Or will I have to make a spinner/die and then just use classcraft to give GP or XP? 


Hey, Karen!

There is actually a random student picker already built-into Classcraft (The Wheel of Destiny!). 

Alternatively, you can customize your own random events using the "The Riders of Vay" class tool. Simply head over to your Class Tools page to try it out. 

Hope that helps!

Sorry, I don't think I was clear. It's a whole-class reward if the room is clean in a particular way at the end of class. So I need the randomness to select not a student, but a random thing to check at the end of class from a list that includes possibilities like "no trash on floor", "notebooks are put away", "desks are straight", and so on. 

I'm aware of the "Riders of Vay", which I plan on using for fun random events at the beginning of each class, but this would be another, shorter list of possible random events at the end of class. If there were a way to have two different lists of events for the "Riders of Vay", that would be fantastic, but I don't think that's possible. 

Thanks for trying to help, though. :) 


Maybe you could try associating different students with different tasks (on a separate spreadsheet) and then use the random student picker. Depending on the student it chooses, the class would do that room cleaning activity. 

Additionally, and possibly just as a reminder: You can award every single student with any point type, all at once, using the "Class tab". 



Maybe you can use the timer with the sound option.  The you call out loud your "Random Check" like "Clean desks", or "Clean Floor" and students are then timed and have to complete the task within the time and not be too loud.   Then you can set the points to be given automatically or by you if they complete it.  I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but it sounds like a good idea, I may try it. lol

Kevin. Yeah, I think I'll use the timer for giving them a couple minutes to clean up at the end of the class and then have a student spin a spinner on my iPad to see what I'll be checking for.

Just to clarify, the idea is that neither students nor I will know what's being checked until the spinner picks the "winning thing to be checked". The cleaning happens before the spinner is spun. So the whole class will want to be sure to meet all six possible things I'll check for even though I'll only check one of them each day. 

And then as the year progresses, maybe I'll slowly shorten the amount of clean-up time on the timer until they're wizards at cleaning up quickly. ;) 

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