Individual Quests

Did I see somewhere you could create a Quest for just a single student?  I thought I did, but cannot find it now.

Hi Robert,

At the moment, our quests have been created to be accessible to the entire class. I will add your suggestion to create quests for single students to our feature request database however! 

That option would be awesome!  Our school is doing a lot of personalized learning, and it's hard to have so many different paths.  Sometimes, it would be easier to have 2-3 quests for different levels within one block, rather than so many branches.

Good idea, Tabitha. I've added your voice to this feature request :)

Would just like to second this. Australian education is pushing individuated learning pathways and being able to demonstrably show differentiation is, nowadays, an important component of my admin/teaching interface. 

Quests being set accessible for customisable groups would be a definite advantage for my teaching.

Interesting to learn that the Australian education system is pushing for individualized learning paths. I've added your comment to our feature request platform as well!

This would be a wonderful feature!

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