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Next year I will be using microsoft teams and OneNote to teach my classes. I used claascraft last year and its a great succes. I would like to make classcraft a section of Teams. If I try to make a section with classcraft as website it does not work. Maybe that classcraft could be a section on its own like other programs in teams.


Marieke Vreeswijk

Hi Marieke, 

Thanks for reaching out! Classcraft is a complex system, and thus integrating it into Microsoft Teams Power Apps (also very complex) is no easy feat, it would almost be like rebuilding it completely on a different platform. It's a great suggestion though and as we continue to grow we may want to re-evaluate the possibility of integration with Microsoft Teams again in the future.

Feel free to send other great ideas our way and do not hesitate to contact us again if you need anything in the future!

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