Anyone using the free version? Any tips?

Hi there, I've just started looking into Classcraft, have shown it to my students, and intend to start implementing it properly in class next week.  I only see my students once a week, for 2 hours.

This is very much a trial/pilot system, so I'm just using the free version.  I've created the classes, established the behaviours that earn or lose points, made teams, but now what?  At the moment, I'm worried that what I've got is just a digital version of a star chart/points board.  What are the best features to use within the free version?


One of the things that makes Classcraft different than just a board of points is the way characters interact within a group to support and help each other and hold each other responsible.  There are, as you've doubtless discovered, game mechanics for students to help each other (like Protect, Heal, and Mana Transfer), but you can customize the powers to add more of these if you want.  For example, I have shared revision powers and a power where students can ask for exam hints for their group.  

The random daily events also make Classcraft different than a board of points and they add fun and whimsy to the game.  You can customize those as well to fit your class environment.  And Classcraft lends itself to creating and overall story narrative for your class through the year, such as all the teams striving to meet a certain goal you create for them.  I teach history, so my goal might be a "Time Travel Master" goal where students would have to complete a number of hero-themed history assignments throughout the year.  

Now, with the premium version you can directly convert points from assignments (that tie into your course theme or just ALL assignments) to a gain in XP or a loss in health.  But you can easily simulate this with the free version too.  Just create XP awards for certain grades (300 points for an A, 200 for a B, etc.) and a health penalty for not doing assignments or not following instructions.   This lets students know that it's not just behavior like being on-time and polite that has ramifications in the game, but their efforts to learn the subject matter as well!  

Ultimately, I think it's the customization that makes Classcraft more than just a star chart.  And if you find your students enjoy it, you may want to explore the premium version as well, which has boss battles (for in-class quizzing and review) and quests (for students doing assignments on an individual basis).   

I'm an ambassador and have been using Classcraft since 2014 at the college level and have customized it a lot with an emphasis on academic performance rather than classroom behavior.  If you'd like to chat 1-on-1 with me about the ways I use the game, please feel free to email me at  ltrauth [at] ccbcmd [dot] edu



Hello! My name is Allison and I've been using Classcraft for about a year. My students only see me for about an hour per week. I teach via an online school. My students ABSOLUTELY love Classcraft. We use the pro version. We do Riders of the Vay at the beginning and end of every class session. I have students who never wanted to do homework that are now begging for homework just so they can do a quest. They also love to take quizzes now because of the Boss Battles feature. We use GP and XP for behavior modification. 

I had tried the free version one time with my students but they didn't like it. Classcraft is more than a star chart/points board. It actively encourages students to complete homework, message the teacher for help outside the classroom, talk to each other via the discussion board and more.  Please feel free to ask any questions. I would love to help you out. 

Allison Bruning

Principal and Educator

Academic Warriors


So the free features give you access to adding XP (Experiences Points), Adding and subtracting HP (Health Points), students can customize their character as well as use their powers you have set up, A random event generator that can spice up the game, and finally parent access where parents can give students gold daily (15 GP a day) there is a lot for you to do!  I think that the next step for you is to think about what other class activities you do and how to connect it to the students easy example from my class is to give students a Kahoot style review and have XP bonuses ( 100 for top 5, 75 for 5-10th place etc.).  If you need any more help post a question here and I or someone else will give you some thoughts.  Best of Luck! 

I would agree with Allison that the premium version gives students a more engaged feel with more tools that you can use like Boss Battles and you as a teacher get more control like awarding gold with you can use for a currency in a class store or for other class materials. I have used it for the past 2 years and honestly cannot see my class without class craft and using the free wont disappoint :) 

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