Please Add Merchandise to the Classcraft Store

Good morning!  I love Classcraft, but I'm not a t-shirt wearing person.  I have really been looking for a hydro flask and was just thinking what a great merchandise item that would be to purchase from you, would be a hydro flask with a Classcraft pet or logo on it.  As teachers we need our liquids for sure!

Also, can the posters be available again or get new posters?  I want to purchase them, but every time I look the combo pack is out.  You might also make a nice pack with the posters and stickers at a little bit of a discount for buying the larger pack.

Thanks for reading my request.

Hi Michele,

It would appear we forgot to add posters availability to our Shopify page, sorry for that :)

You can now head to to acquire our beautiful posters!

As for the hydro flask, we currently do not have any available but we might have some in the future, stay tuned!

Have a great day and a wonderful summer.

Key ring fobs and lanyards are also something all teachers need.  I'd get a lanyard w/ the various pets on it in a heartbeat!   Glass window clings could be something else there is interest in too - the plastic kind that stick w/ a little water and don't have adhesive.   People with windows in their classroom could stick them up there w/o damaging anything (or you could put them in a car window).  Or give them as small rewards to students in lieu of stickers (slightly better than a sticker since it's reusable).

Hi Laura,

We have plans to add more items to our online store in the future, I will add your suggestions to the list we already had :)

Thank you very much for these great suggestions and have a wonderful summer!

You're most welcome!  I'll keep an eye open for the new merch!

Glass clings. Definitely!

Lanyards, for sure!

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