Grade Thresholds On Quests

Would be a game changer to have a pass threshold option for quests.  I work with Google Classroom a lot, and many programs out there (like will automatically post grades to classroom.  I love that the quests on classcraft automatically link to those grades, but wouldn't it be amazing to have a pass threshold that decides if a student heads down a green (check) path or a red (x) path?  Talk about auto-pilot.  The number one thing preventing immersion in the game for my students is having to wait for me to unlock the next part of their quest.  The automated "self-paced" mode is great, but it limits differentiation.   Making an automatic pass threshold for classroom assignments would be so epic.   

The more I think about this the more excited I get.  Think about it.  If you did this, theoretically a teacher would never have to go to quests again after making it.  They just make it visible and the students get to work.  The teacher would exclusively be on Google Classroom for manually graded assignments, or not at all for auto-graded assignments.  Plus, Classcraft is superior to google classroom for assignment posting, because it organizes it and tells the students exactly what to do next. 

Hi Scott,

This is a wonderful idea! I sent it to our developers; we will see if that is something that could be implemented into Classcraft. Self-paced quests was a first step and I believe a version of what you describe could be a great improvement.

Keep up the good work and happy Classcrafting!

Thanks!!! There could also be an option to automatically progress a student after a posted due date down the red (x) path, so that students arent working too far back and stay current.

New to Classcraft and working on setting it up for fall semester...any update on this idea of grade thresholds?  Maybe I am just missing something and this is already possible?

Hi Alexandra,

This feature was not implemented yet but I have added your vote to our platform request! If you have any questions about Classcraft, don't hesitate to send us an email at! We are also available on live-chat Monday to Friday from 10am-4pm EST! 

Have an awesome day! :)


I posted this a year ago and wanted to revisit.  What I am basically asking for is to have the Treasures of Tavuros (ToT) feature on the quests as a reward rather than the experience granted currently.  The ToT's ability to see scores from google classroom (rather than just submissions) is something that could also be used to set thresholds for pass/fail objectives.  If a student gets below a 60%, for example, they would automatically go down the red path.   Currently, I have to constantly check to see if students are doing the assignments to my standards.  This would save us, teachers, a lot of time. 

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