Handing out XP

For my elementary school teachers who have the same class all day.  How do you manage handing out XP during the day.  Sometimes I find it's too hard to give it out at the time it's earned.  What are your strategies in doing so, so that your lesson doesn't get interrupted?



Basically, I give out a set amount every day, assuming the student was doing what they were supposed to.  So at the end of each period, I just select all, and then unselect the students who were off task and give all the XP out at once.



I like the idea of giving out the set amount at the end of each class/day and just not for those students who did not earn it.  Are you elementary level?  What are some of your most popular powers in class?  Sentences?

I am middle school level.  My powers and sentences have been pretty much completely customized, and sometime later this year, I will get around to posting them on the forums.  I just don't have the most time right now to take all the screenshots, but if you have questions, I am happy to answer.

I keep a running tally on the board throughout the class and then at the end of class we spend 5 minutes in what we call "The Reckoning".  It turns into a ceremony at the end.  They love it.

How many XP do you give out each day?

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