Choosing which Random Events will appear.

Has anyone had a great Random Event that would be perfect on specific days, I.E, holiday time, or Mondays, Fridays etc.  What are your thoughts about being able to choose when a certain Random Event might pop up.  It will still be random to the students, but the teacher would have the ability to make a random event pop up on a certain date.  This will also help with Random Events that substitute teachers would get.  I can then ensure that it won't be something crazy that the sub wouldn't know what to do with.  


Well, you could make a dummy class that only has 1 random event, so that you are guaranteed to get the one you want.  For the sub, I would say just write down a set random event and have them read it to the class so they don't have to deal with logging into Classcraft.


Thanks for the suggestion.  I'll definitely give it a try!

Hello Kevin,

This is something that I myself have wanted to see.  What I have worked to include in my class is a few printed events that i know i want to have control over and then put it up on the takes a little more work if you have to add XP/AP/GP but it will guarantee that you get the special events you want when you need them  

It would be great if we could do this. 

I like Jordan's idea of having printed out events. 
Why not instead of "Random Events", on those special days have "Special Events", "World Events", "Daily Events" etc. (Just stealing these ideas from MMO's). 

This week's Friday Event is....
Since it's Halloween out Special Event will be...

And if you print them out you could theme them to make them even more special? 

I'd love to see a way to do this.  I have some events that don't work at certain times in the semester.  For example, I have one that lets them submit an assignment they skipped for 1/2 points.  There's no point in having this before we've done some assignments!  I don't care when it shows up, as long as it's ~ 1/2 through the semester.  

For things having to do with specific holidays, I just tell students (or post in Blackboard) that we're having a not-so-random event on that day.  For example, I have a May the 4th event where students have to find a primary source image and turn it into a meme by putting a Star Wars quote on it.  But if I could call this event up from Classcraft so that it appeared in the game feed, that would be even better.

I wish we could simply turn each event on or off. There are many events I don't want to delete completely, but I hesitate to do a random event on days where I am doing an important lab or an important lesson - If i could toggle on and off the random events each day, that would be amazing. Then I can keep a huge database of events, and simply toggle on my favorite few or the ones appropriate for certain days. This would help people that want to ensure a specific event on a specific day as well because then they could toggle all events off except the one they want. Another example that makes me really want this feature is that some events simply don't do anything on certain days. It doesn't make any difference if all of my mages are silenced for the day if the class will already be silently working all day. But it could be really fun and valuable on a day when students need to communicate and need to find alternative methods of communication.

To take this idea to another level, it would be cool if we could even create "playlists" of random events that we could put together and name based on the different types of days we have. For example, a playlist named "lab day" with only random events that won't disrupt a lab activity. I see myself having playlists for serious days, playlists for fun days, quiet days, group work days, etc.

That would be a great solution Lisa!  I have certain events that don't work at the start of the term (24 hours to submit work you forgot to do for example) that don't work early in the term.  And I don't like to have a "randomly lose 20 health" one come up when I'm about to enter exam scores - I'd rather give them a day to heal in-between...  

I love the idea of playlists.  If you could turn entire playlists on and off, that would keep you from having to go through and manually check a lot of events.  

Hey, everyone!

Thank you for all of these awesome suggestions! I just wanted to mention that we always love getting your great feedback and awesome suggestions! We are always here if you have any questions. :)

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