New Item Mechanics Ideas (Feedback Appreciated!)

Hello fellow Gamemasters!

I am prepping for my 9th grade English class next year and plan to take my gamification to the next level. I've thought about the mechanics that I want in my class, and items were the perfect addon that I needed. I decided to use (a GREAT resource!), and here is what I came up with. I'm looking to get some feedback from other Classcraft users. Feel free to use/steal these if ya want! :D

Items Overview:

Okay, so I have a couple of categories of items which each have subcategories. The categories and subcategories are all color coded to let the students *ahem* players, know when they can use them. Students will receive these items in booster packs (Treasure Chests). Each pack will have a single rare or mythic card (the symbol near the bottom left of the art is gold for rare or orange for mythic) two uncommon cards (symbol is silver) and three common cards (symbol is black). As the cards go up in rarity, so does their power. There will be a certain number of each type in circulation for each class. 1 of each Mythic, 2 of each Rare, 3 of each Uncommon, and 4 of each Common (There is a subcategory of common called crafting that will have 5 of each).

Many of these items have a dice (d6) mechanic. I have some random events currently that involve dice which are by far my student's favorite ones. They love the chance element, so I wanted to try and incorporate that into my items (especially the reusable ones).

Some of the items have an additional cost such as paying gold or AP to use them. These costs are at the top of the cards description followed by a colon. 

At the start of the year each team (Guild) will receive a pack to divide among their team members. Each student will be given a collectible card binder page that can hold nine cards. This is their inventory for card storage. There are a couple of other ways that students can earn items (including some cards) that I will describe below.

Category I: Artifact

Artifacts are items that can be used in normal class time. These are all relatively simple and give minor perks or benefits. Only one artifact can be used by a student each day, so they have to think strategically and weigh the pros and cons. There are a few sub categories or these.

Artifacts - Reusable (Gold Border):

These are artifacts that once a student has them, they can keep using them over and over (still only once a day), BUT there is a chance of some artifacts breaking (Return to the Gamemaster).

Legendary Artifacts - Reusable:
These are the most powerful items in the game. There will only be a single copy of each one available per class. They are all reusable, but there is a chance of breaking them as their power surges out. These all do some really cool things!

I love this one, because it will keep circulating once it is found, taunting students with riches. Very flavorful!

This last legendary says it's an "Artifact creature" but that is really just for flavor as it is a bit unique among the legendary cards it is the only single card that can give a Guild a free booster pack, but it is a terrible gamble!

Artifacts - Modification (Blue Border):

These can break the one artifact a day rule. They can be used alone OR in addition to another artifact.

Artifact - Reusable Modification (Gold Border with Blue Accent)

These are a blend of the Reusable and Modification categories

(The "Oracle" is a Magic 8 Ball lol)

Artifact - Consumable (Green Border)

These are all one time use items.

(The "Daily Quest" is my bellringer where they answer a question on Google Classroom)

(This one I am still a bit iffy on, and it needs some explanation. I have had a problem with kids asking to go to the bathroom at the most inopportune times in the middle of class. I'm going to have the rule next year that students can go to the restroom during the first and last 5 minutes of our 90 min class period. If they want to go any other time the "toll" is 25 GP. This card lets them avoid paying it. Some of my current students reviewed these cards and several did not like this card saying that students should be able to go to the restroom whenever they need to. What's your guys' thoughts?)

(There is a small conference room next to my classroom that is nearly always empty except during testing times)

(There's usually no eating in my room as it can leave a mess and my school's custodial staff is a little short handed)

And no RPG is complete without potions!

Artifacts - Consumable Boss Battle (Black Border):

These need to have their type tweaked a bit to make them more distinct, I'm just unsure what to actually call them at the moment. These can only be used during a Classcraft boss battle.

Artifacts - Crafting (Stony Gray Border):

The last category of artifacts that I have is crafting. There will be an addition one of each of these in circulation. If a guild collects all five of these, they get a free booster pack of items!

Category II: Sorcery

These are only usable during Guild Battles (review games). These are really the most PvP cards that I have and they can all be fairly easily dropped into any review game. The winning Guild in a Guild Battle will receive a booster pack of items. Only one Sorcery can be used per Guild per round. These are broken down into Attack cards and Defense cards.

Sorcery - Attack (Red Border):

These can be used at various times in a Guild Battle and cause some sort of harm or disadvantage to another Guild.

Sorcery - Defense (White Border):

These can usually be played in response to being attacked by another Guild (this overrides the one sorcery per round rule), though some can be played at other times. They are used to stop attacks or to give the Guild some kind of advantage.

(This is an interesting one as it basically lets a Guild give up the win, and a booster pack, for XP)

Sorcery - Attack/Defense (Red and White Border):

These are a unique set of sorcery cards that can both help the guild using it and harm another guild depending on how it is used.


So that is all of my items. There are 60 total (5 Mythic, 10 Rare, 20 Uncommon, 25 Common). It will be a lot of printing and cutting (I also think I'm going to laminate to protect them a bit), but I hope that I will be able to reuse them each year and only replace the lost or damaged ones. I put a lot of thought into these to try and keep them interesting, fun, and balanced. I want them to be a big aspect of my class. Something that my students will remember and use. My hope is that they also lead to more communication and community building among the guilds.

Let me know your thoughts or any questions! I know this was a MASSIVE post, but it is something that I am super excited to implement and wanted to share with everyone :)

Happy gaming!