New feature announcement! May 2018

Hey, teachers!

We hope this finds you well as you wind down the 2017-2018 school year and move into summer preparation mode. As you may have noticed, there are a ton of new changes in Classcraft, and here’s your breakdown!

Adding Students  

We overhauled the add students interface! You can still add your students while setting up your class or from your "Configure class" page by clicking on the green “Add Students” button.

Quality of Life

Students are now rewarded with a special pop-up and animation each time they level up!


A lot of new changes have come to Quests this time around!

Do you have an awesome quest you would love to share with the community? Think it can be featured for the Quest of the Week or even Quest of the Month? You can now submit your epic quests here:

Classcraft Mobile App

Navigating the app is now easier than ever! The new horizontal navigation bar allows you to seamlessly switch between pages (Players, Class Tools, Game Feed, etc.), without ever losing what was open on the previous tab. Clicking on an open tab will land you to exactly where you left off.

New Research

Finally, our research page has received a brand new look. Check it out at!


If you think your school would be interested in using Classcraft, please reach out to As always, we’d love to hear from you at if you have any questions or comments.

The Classcraft Team

These are great! Thanks for letting us know. My students noticed a change in the UI for their pets too and got really excited. :)

My 6th graders are particularly LOVING the free VR Quest - - thank you for creating such an amazing experience for them! I look forward to the other changes, too. :) 

Thank you so much for the thoughtful updates!

Will quests be available in the mobile version soon?

I'm starting to plan for the new year and knowing whether or not students can access quests on their devices will affect my planning.

(And if they aren't will online content be left available for another year so there is a mobile-friendly alternative?)


DEN quest makes me wonder when we can run CC on our class set of VR HMDs.  ;)

Great!!! Now to figure out how to take advantage of each...

That is great, however I would still love to see a page that shows each students progress and what level of quest they are on!!!

Thanks for the free quest!! My students are loving it! Can't wait for more.

These are some cool updates😊👍. I think we are all waiting for boss battle quizzes within the quest. Also I agree with Vance. I teach in a blended class with over 40 students, it would be nice to be able to get a page of where students are, or at least be able to export the progress to Excel so that we could sort it. For now I have to click on each task so I can group students.

Sweet thank you so much. 

These are excellent! I plan to offer the free quest to my students now as extra credit (just to get those who haven't been involved in Classcraft up to this point). And next year I think this will serve as a great introduction for the first week in how to use Classcraft. I love using Classcraft for classroom management!

Do you need VR goggles to watch these?

My students finally have had the opportunity to do a quest. I’ve seen some kids have significantly more motivation (I’m sure the obnoxious objective rewards may have something to do with it!

The interface is smooth and I am always in awe with the graphics. I love these new updates too. Happy to see ClassCraft constantly improving!

@Jingyu Nope.  My students watched them on their laptops as embedded videos right there in the quest.

Dude!  The ability to import Legacy Content as a Quest is saving my summer break!  When did this become a thing???

Thank you, @Drew!

Dear classcraft-team,
I still appreciate your work and site.
However, I am waiting live many others for self-correcting quizzes for more than 18 months. Several colleagues of mine turned my offers
for using classcraft down, as soon as they realized this huge shortcoming. Furthermore I couldn't give them an ETA for it, since you scrapped the "coming in 2018" which's purpose was this exactly. The "self-paced" feature is no substitute for our needs.
Is it really that difficult to implement? You already have the code from the raid-boss quizzes.
Or was this feature silently deleted from the agenda?
While I am at it, I repeat some of my questions from 2016:
2.Will there be a way to customize the damage of bosses someday?
3. Will there be a way to customize the amount of powers someday?
4. Will there be a way to customize pics for powers someday?
5. Will there be a way to visualize the XP improvement of students in a detailed way someday?
6. Will there be a way to see, use and try your settings and quests from a one-click-students-view someday?

Please don't get me wrong. I appreciate all your work. I just want to know whether it is still worth waiting... ^ ^
Best regards,

Hi Vincent,

Thank you for these great questions and for the good feedback!

Self-correcting Quizzes are part of a larger discussion as to how we want to keep on making Quests awesome. As we move forward with this project, more and more details will become available to our users. We would rather make the feature part of a bigger project than only implement it and have to make more changes later. Trust us, it’s going to be awesome.

For customizing the damage of boss battles, that is not something the team is currently working on, yet it would be a pleasure to take that as a suggestion! Likewise, for customizing the number of powers and the pictures for those powers, I will be taking note of those and sharing with the team.

Work is being done to have a more detailed view of students’ XP progression within a feature coming soon to the administrator dashboard. Maybe in the future a “lite” version of that feature will also be integrated in the teacher analytics page as well.

As for switching to a student view to test-drive a Quest or other feature that’s available only for students, that is already something that was suggested and is in our list of feature requests. For now, the best way to do that would be to create a fake student account and add that to your class as a kind of “NPC” character. I will add your vote to the request!

As always, we appreciate your kind words and constructive feedback, Vincent!

Have an excellent day and keep on being an awesome teacher!


I am in a Classcraft PD, with the purpose of creating quests. However, I was wondering if there is a timetable for self-correcting quizzes. I would prefer to make quests with self-correcting quizzes that can direct them to a path automatically depending on their score. I don't mind putting in the front-end time to create quests if they run automatically. However, I found that checking in every day to select the green or red button was extremely time consuming, even with using self-correcting google quizzes (I would have to check the score and then click on the pass/fail button.)

Students became disengaged with quests due to the waiting time between steps. I think Quests can be truly awesome if they can be self-paced (beyond the "automatic pass" self-pacing that currently exists.)

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