Class-wide powers/rewards? (Ex: movie day, etc)

I'm just trying this out for the first time, and am curious if you can somehow create powers/rewards/etc that can be redeemed by the entire class?

Ex: For a collective x amount of AP, the class can watch a movie for the last half of class.

Does anyone know how to set something like this up?

Another poster in this forum has an idea that you might be able to apply to this idea.  Look for Rodney Ray's post on New Mechanics Ideas.  

He's using to make cards that look like Magic the Gathering cards and giving his teams packs of these that they can collect and use.  

You might do something similar that would allow these class-wide powers!  You could hide cards around the room for students to find if they help clean/straighten up, or give cards for particularly good behavior, excellent assignments above/beyond expected, kindness to other students, etc.  

To avoid students getting movie time every day, you could require each team to use their copy of the card to activate the power (+ AP too if you wanted).  So if each team uses a movie card and each player also gives up 20 AP, then you show the movie....  


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