[Solved] What happens to quests when premium is cancelled/expires?

Hello!  I just started using ClassCraft and am loving it so far, however I don't plan on having my subscription run through the summer (as no one will be using it during the summer).  If I cancel my premium subscription, what happens to the quests I have already created? Are they lost?

I would like to re-use several of the quests next year if possible and don't want to risk losing them.



Hi Christopher,

First, I would like to suggest you stay tuned for our summer promotion coming soon where any teacher subscribed to Premium by May 31 will get June and July for FREE to help you prepare for the coming school year. This will allow you to keep your subscription running through the summer without having to pay for months where you will not be using Classcraft.

To answer your original question: when you lose access to the Premium content, everything you created is saved on our servers and will be waiting for you when you gain access to the Premium package again! So fear not, you will not lose any of your quests if you decide to put your subscription on pause for the summer.

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