8th Grade Social Studies Routing Racism (Civil War-Reconstruction Quest)

Greetings Fellow Classcrafters,

Throughout the course of this school year I have been attempting to make quests that align with social studies curriculum and include a fun fanciful story. The following quest is called Routing Racism and the story line will take your students character into the world of Historia. There your student will embark on an adventure where they will have to fight the wraiths of racism in order to restore peace and harmony to the realm. The student's heroes will have to reconcile the racism that is occurring between elves and rangers due to the fact that the book Uncle Tom's Cabin has been stolen from the historical timeline by the forces of darkness. The quest ends when the students fight the Wraith King and upon defeating him restore Uncle Tom's Cabin to the historical timeline. My quest making is a work in progress so be gracious with responses and provide constructive feedback. If you like the quest and have found it useful please give it your vote and if the response is good I may release more in the future. 

Notes: The quest includes titles for tasks but does not include the tasks themselves with exception of the final two stops so as to allow teachers the flexibility to plug in their own content. 

Routing Racism Quest: https://game.classcraft.com/import/quest/enMbJjAC8PGRdZAWJ