Quests: Water Map Needed

It would be great if one of the quest backgrounds was just water and waves.
It should be super easy to make, and allows use of way more 'real-estate' on the main quest screen.

Plus, if I use it over and over again, it won't be as suspicious as the exact same city layout appearing all over the map...


(My students can practice math while they sail from science island to science island...)

Even better yet would be the ability to import our own backgrounds... but I think I've already made that suggestion elsewhere...

Hi Jared,

Those are great suggestions! Having maps with less recognizable features could be interesting for repeated usages. Although we did add multiple new maps recently which should allow you to create quests in different parts of those maps for a while. If you zoom in on the map you can fit many tasks in the same part of an island and then use the same map but another part of the island for another quest!

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