I've been having a good time finding ways to separate students from their GP.  For now, I've created a store using Google Forms, but it isn't database driven, so it is a lot of work on my part.  It would be nice if there was a feature built into Classcraft that would allow teachers to stock a store with items that can be purchased.  The teacher could add a photo of the product, a title, brief description, and cost in GP, etc.  Students can add items to their "shopping carts" and when they checkout, their GP are adjusted accordingly.  I can see so many possibilities with this.

This would be a great feature.  It would save me some headaches.

Who else has implemented some sort of store system?  How do you work it?  (Mine is pretty ad hoc at the moment...)

I use the forum in Classcraft. Why? I can list a set of potions along with effects and prices and when I'm ready for students to use this, my "traveling potion vendor" appears (I unhide the forum so students can see it), they can reply to the topic, then I go in manually and subtract the gold, add the HP,AP/whatever and they get the results requested. Then, when we're ready to boss battle or whatever, I hide the forum for another day.

I would be very curious to see how you set this up?  Which forum are you talking about?

The forum feature in Classcraft. I'm a bit out of practice (didn't use it this semester due to the classes I'm teaching, etc.) but I don't see it. Was that feature removed?

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