[Solved] Temporarily Locking a Student's Account?

Is there a way to temporarily lock a student's account?  I have one student who is sneaking onto Classcraft constantly to play, and I'd like to use it as a carrot to encourage him to do his work.  I saw the change password option, but I'm not sure if that would work since my students log in with their Google account, instead of their own username/password.

I would also like to use this as a consequence if students haven't completed their sentences for falling in battle.

I too, would like to know if this can happen. I have students using the messaging for fun, and sometimes inappropriate comments. I take their HP, but would like to show a more influential consequence as my students love Classcraft. 

All you need to do is change their password. This way they can't access their powers, train their pets, or complete quests until the consequence is served.

Yup - that's what I do.  It should still work even if they log in with Google, since there still has to be a password stored in the game interface.  I usually use this for students who don't serve sentences.  

I would also like a temporary freeze option.  Some students are getting obsessie and not doing much work as a result of checking the character constantly.

No, if students use G+ to log in then changing the password does not help.  I just wasted my time changing passwords and it didn't work.  I have resorted to zeroing out their XP.  I made a note of how much XP they had to begin with and I plan on restoring it when their work/grades come back up to par.

Please add a temporary freeze!!!



I added all your votes to this feature request, keep those suggestions coming! :)

Yes please! Google classroom for example has a "mute" option where students can still see posts and do classwork but cant contribute to discussions. Kids realized if they sent me a junk message it will send a notification to my phone and an email so I had kids send me 100+ messages in a couple of minutes.  I tried the password change option but it would be nice to freeze or suspend their account.

Hi Amanda!

I've added your vote as well :) but I also wanted to mention that you can actually disable messaging if they are no longer helpful. This article explains how to do this: https://help.classcraft.com/hc/en-us/articles/217901758-Messaging-Communicating-with-students-and-parents

Hope this helps in the meantime! :)

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