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This might be way out there and something that could be a long-term plan, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to bring it up.  What about doing different themes for Classcraft?  Right now it's very fantasy based, but what if for each class or each new year (especially for teachers who teacher multiple grade levels like I do) the teacher could pick a different theme for the year.

Example:  My sixth graders get the fantasy theme this year with mages, healers, warriors, etc.  But then, when they become 7th grade next year, to keep their interest up, it becomes a sci-fi theme with soldiers, doctors, and tech specialists (warriors, healers, mages).  Then the next year it could be an Indiana Jones-esq theme, or a western theme, etc.  The old themes would stay available, but when starting a new class, one of the set-up options would be to pick the theme of the game for the year.

You could announce what the new theme would be around Christmas or so, and then it could go live at the end of the school year so that teachers could prep their quests and powers over the summer months.

It would keep things fresh and interesting - mechanics would work identically, just the powers and look of the maps and such would change with each new theme.

That is an amazing idea!

I would love to see this.  I don't think you really need a new one every year, only 3 or 4 different themes.  Every one other theme would be good, just to switch off from year to year.

Another side benefit for ELA teachers (like me) would be to structure the books the kids read around the theme - when it's the fantasy theme, they read fantasy.  When it's sci-fi, they read sci-fi or other speculative fiction, etc.  Classrooms could be decorated around the theme as well to unite everything if you only teach a single grade level.

Yes!!! I definitely need this for my community!!! I have parents that object to the fantasy involved.

The ones I've thought of so far would be:

1) a seafaring theme (not pirates, since that might be objectionable to some too). A lot of the current graphics could be reused pretty easily.

2) a space theme (more work since all the graphics, including quest maps) would need to be redone.

I just thought of another theme: steampunk. This would be awesome to use with my computer/technology classes!

new feture

Along with the additional themes (which would be wonderful exactly for the same reason as Lyn mentioned, parents who object to Fantasy),  I'd also like to see avatars that would appeal to a younger audience, say 7-10 year olds.

These are all great suggestions! We added all of them to our feature request platform and we will discuss these possibilities internally. 

As some of you have mentioned, these would be long-term plans but we would love to be able to provide teachers with themes that would fit their curriculum!

Stay tuned for our next updates, I'm certain you will be blown away by the work our illustrators have accomplished in the last months :)

I am definitely in favor of a Sci-Fi one.


Great idea.

I definitely want to support this suggestion.

And I would like to add one: As "boring" as it might sound, I would find it extremely helpful if Classcraft offered a theme that basically depicts the real world. This would inlcude maps from real places (cities, countries etc.) in different historical eras and also the option to build avatars that look like real people and not super heroes.

Of course I understand that the delevopers' intention with classcraft is to make learning more interesting for students by framing the learning content in a way that is as exciting and adventurous as possible and fictitious worlds can have a special appeal to help reaching that goal.

However, it is a fact that we as teachers don't just teach abstract knowledge such as multiplication tables and grammar rules but also knowledge that is very concrete, especially in subjects such as civics or history. To me, it doesn't make much sense to teach my students about the Second World War by letting them play a game that is set in a fantasy world as it is a case in which reality already confronts us with more than enough thrilling stories. How much more exciting and instructive would it be if we could build a world map that closely resembles the political circumstances of that time and that would allow the students to have a much more immersive experience with the respective historical event than they would have by simply reading about it in a text book. They might even be able to dress their avatars in clothes that resemble the trends of the respective era (which would in itself already be a learning opportunity).

Of course this would be a lot of work. Here's a probably quite crazy idea regarding this point: Would it maybe be possible to outsource some of this work, e.g. to university students? There are thousands of students out there, completing degrees in fields such as history or game design. Most of them will have to finish their studies with some sort of thesis or project. I'm sure many students would prefer to choose a topic that is meaningful, relevant and practical instead or writing a dry theoretical paper. What if e.g. a game design student and a history student could work together for a project to design a new world for classcraft? The history student would be in charge of gathering information about the respective place in the respective historical era and about life in general during that time (especially for the avatar design). The game designer would be in charge of visualizing that information and maybe even of creating a quest. This way one could kill two birds with one stone: Getting new creative content for your platform for free or at a very low price and giving students the opportunity to complete a meaningful project, getting in touch with a real company, gaining work experience and also a valuable reference for their CV.

Again, this is probably crazy, naive and completely underestimating the work it takes to complete such a project but I still wanted to share this idea with you in case you can get anything useful out of it.

One last point: It might also be possible to link the different themes with eachother through a backstory (e.g. that the protagonists in the game are special kids who have the power to travel through time and space, including parallel universes).

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