Making Pairs/Groups?

Another way Classcraft could add functionality in the Class Tools section:  Making a tool that would randomly group students for an activity.  Taking into account those students who are absent, it could give teachers an option to make groups of 2, 3, etc, and then randomly generate them based on who is present that day.  I would use that tool all the time!

Agreed. I feel this has been suggested elsewhere in these forums, but I feel Classcraft could easily do this and would be great for this. Doing labs? Her'es your lab groups! Etc.

Hi Stephanie and Nicholas, 

Thanks for sharing!! 😃 

You're absolutely correct, Nicholas. It's already high up on our suggested features list, but I'll make sure to push it to the top. It's definitely one of those great ideas I'm sure a lot of teachers would appreciate. 


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