Quest Bank

Thank you to the few teachers that have shared your quests as examples and for storyline ideas in the teacher forum. I love the addition of quests within Classcraft.  I would also enjoy sharing and/or exploring how others are utilizing them. What would it take to create a data bank of quests for teachers to share and utilize them, a kind of marketplace of great ideas?

Hey, Tina! 

It seems that like you, the Classcraft team is constantly reminded of how creative and resourceful our teachers are when it comes to creating Quests, but also just in general. So thank you for being awesome!! 😊

A Quest marketplace for great ideas IS a great idea 🙌. If we did go in that direction one day, what would you like to see? What're some of the main features you think a Classcraft Quest marketplace should have?




I would love to be able to tag quests that I make by grade level or theme of the quest and then search for others in the same way. i.e. 5th grade, language arts and/or Harry Potter theme.

It'd be awesome if we could create quests and tag them to allow users to sort by subject, topic, grade level, and educational standards. 

I'm thinking kind of like how Quizizz has tags for their problems that allow for quick access and "borrowing" from other teachers.

It'd be great if you could click a simple checkmark when editing the quest to make it public or not. Much simpler than having to actively go share it. 

Idea: If you take a quest from the marketplace, then edit it and still make it public, it shows as a REVISED version of the first one and links back. That way all of the edited versions of the same quest are linked together. does this with their files.


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