New to Classcraft

 Greetings, I'm brand new to classcraft and I am looking for some ideas for quests for PreAP World History Freshmen and Academic US History Juniors. I have gamed most of my life and this program seems like a good way to grab the interest of some of my struggling students. The first quests I want to do are for Absolutism in Europe for my Freshman and the Early parts of the Cold War for my Juniors. Any good quests you've come up with?

I’m a high school ELA teacher, so not an expert here, but here are some thoughts if you’re still looking into them.
-Absolutism: it would be interesting to do a quest from the point of view of a person working inside the king’s residence. It would allow for “inside information” that a typical citizen wouldn’t be privy to, while also having the mentality of one member of the oppressed group of lower-class people. This might limit you to just a short quest on France during that period, but I think a quest could really work for that.
APUSH: What about a quest dealing with the Cuban Missle Crisis and all the behind-the-scenes information that has come about about that two-week stretch in October when the US and USSR/Cuba were millimeters away from pushing the buttons for their nukes? Something from the point of view of RFK perhaps?

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