Use "Scheduled" assignments in Google Classroom when creating quests

It would be great when creating a quest if I could use the "scheduled" posts of assignments from Google Classroom. If I understand correctly, those don't show up on my list of assignments to choose from GC in classcraft. It seems to me that creating a quest can be like "planning ahead" for assignments that are coming up in the future - and in Google Classroom, assignments that are not "posted" yet with a due date are hidden until a future scheduled date.

Can those be added to our list of assignments we can choose for our quests?

This is one of the challenges with using Google Classroom assignments in the quests.  My students will complete the assignment on Google Classroom instead of working through the quest in order.  Ideally it would be great to have a hidden folder on Google Classroom so that students cannot see the assignments, but that would mean cooperation with Google Classroom that might not be possible.

The work around I have started to use is to create a full assignment on Google Classroom, but I only distribute it to one student (my alias of a student I created so I can see things from a student perspective). This allows me to input the entire google Classroom assignment on Classcraft, but it doesn't fill any student streams in Google Classroom!

When I'm ready for the students to work on the Google Classroom assignment, I simply edit the the assignment and click to assign it to all students now. They then have access to their personalized files you may have  attached or "copied" for them via your assignment in Classcraft as well as in their Google Classroom streams. This si the best solution I've come up with for now. 

That is a great idea! I will try that. Thanks!

That is a clever work-around, but it is just a work-around.  If CC admins are listening, please can you do something about this? I always 'schedule' my Google Classroom tasks the day/days before but cannot add them to quest maps until I'm actually in the lesson and the students are working!  It is essential that students can see the entire roadmap of the quest so they can get a feel for the bigger picture, the effort and commitment required of them to get to the end (as well as seeing that there actually IS an end in sight!)

Hey, Andrew!

Thanks for sharing! Integrating Scheduled Google Classroom tasks into Quests is something we're already quite aware would make a good lot of you pretty happy. :-)

I'll make sure it's at the top of our feature requests list!


Yay! Thanks Andrew! 

I'm currently struggling with this at the moment so I will try to work around noted here and hope to figure it out with my technology person later on the week. I hope that you make this possible soon because it is a very daunting task to create a quest like this.

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