Physical money


I can not put the time I would like into writing so the text is organized and formal. So, for now, I'll be sharing a video with you a detailed explaining of how I work with the physical money in my 5th grade class, teaching english as a foreing language.

First I have to say that the conditions of my school are special, we have many people with financial and social problems and the level is low, and even lower in english. So I' trying to work out a strong base for them to continue.

The video: 

The link to the money cards:

Any questions don't hesitate to ask.

I see some people asking for acces, for some reason it is not autumatically. If you see that your petition is not answered in 48h, let me know here and I'll try to fix it. 
I've changed the link anyway to try to fix it.

Hola Iñaki, I'm also an ESL teacher pero para adultos y soy nueva en Classcraft. Tengo 2 semanas para montar un curso de 150hr y la verdad es que he estado viendo tus videos y algunos de los materiales que has publicado y creo que son geniales, quería saber si hay algunos quests que hayas publicado en el market para yo importarlos y echar un vistazo porque humanamente no me da el tiempo para preparar todo de cero y estoy procurando coger ideas o cosas que ya estén hechas para adaptarlas.

No sé cómo buscar tus quests en el market o si los tienes publicados, pero pensé en escribirte para saber si me podrías ayudar. Mil gracias!

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