7th grade Computer Applications

I started working on my story, Adventures in Appslandia, earlier this year. Every character and location is based on a different staff member at our school. I asked each 7th grade teacher for suggestions about his or her character (name, powers, friend or foe, etc.) and went from there. I also have several "side quests" that serve as enrichment opportunities and can be completed in any order. I am sharing what I have so far (there will be nine total chapters in the main questline: one for each project we complete throughout the year). I hope you enjoy the story and find something you can use!

Main quest:

  1. https://game.classcraft.com/import/quest/rGQ4XQBnCCRdcrZx6
  2. https://game.classcraft.com/import/quest/B8xTXu4DFXwm95dzM
  3. https://game.classcraft.com/import/quest/pvyR4SHSo2juxcvsW
  4. https://game.classcraft.com/import/quest/xhvhc7M3kkjMWmYce
  5. https://game.classcraft.com/import/quest/vFvpKeZeaMzKdh35f

Side quests:

  1. https://game.classcraft.com/import/quest/5ADtvCTaN9p8dkzmH
  2. https://game.classcraft.com/import/quest/aHFLHg9JkbYAvt4LW
  3. https://game.classcraft.com/import/quest/QGxXFfawco3cZX6Tb
  4. https://game.classcraft.com/import/quest/vEX355NWQusXDYhD3
  5. https://game.classcraft.com/import/quest/JHLEoYrDTxJ4mWPBT


This is truly brilliant, and a big help to people starting out, like me.  Particularly as I teach middle school technology.

Many thanks,


I am also very grateful!  I am wondering if you would mind sharing your resources for these, such as google docs or MS Word files.  I would like to offer this unit as an extension for my students who finish their work ahead of time in my 7th grade Reading and CCA courses. 

I am so grateful to you creative people!








Thank you so much for sharing these Quests.


Thank you all for the kind words and for checking out my quests. To avoid confusion, I have most of my side quests taking place on separate islands from the main quest.

I was an English major in college, so I am having a lot of fun creating the story! I am very grateful to Classcraft for being the catalyst to get me writing again. 

Kim- is there a particular unit you are most interested in seeing? It would be a lot of work to identify and share each of the individual files from my entire course.

Kevin, I will delve into them and see which one(s) I am most interested in.   Thanks again Kevin!!!

Hi Kevin,

I am just barely having a chance to dig into your amazing quests.  I am wondering about the resources for "The Start of Something New" quest.  It appears that most of your helper and tutorials are delivered via Schoology and so we aren't able to access them. Would you be willing to share your resources for that quest?  Our school uses Canvas LMS, and we have the ability to share our resources in a commons area, so I am just wondering if you have the ability to do that with Schoology or if you have them in Google Apps or Word files. Some have been sharing resources using a Google Team Drive "Classcraft Collaboration Team Drive".  Thanks again for all of your hard work, your quests look amazing!


Thanks for your interest. I will be sharing the resources for that quest with your email from the Team Drive. 


These are so awesome! I will be teaching 7th and 8th grade computer applications for the first time this coming year, and will definitely be getting some inspiration from this! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Kim and/or Kevin, do you have any information about how I could join that Google Team Drive?

Where do I find and join this Google Team Drive?

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