Player vs. Player (PvP)

Here's something to try in your class. I created this system last year in Classcraft and it went over extremely well. This was a way to get the students something they continually asked for -- a way to battle each other. I guess it could be done as a individuals, but I've had teams face off against other teams. 


You will need a stack of note cards (I use those small, half-sized ones) that have your questions written on them. 


STEP 1: 

Select two teams at random and bring them to the front (or a central) part of the class. Line them up (Family Feud style). You can use the "Wheel of Destiny" for this if you'd like. Team 1 lines up to one side. Team 2 to the other.

STEP 2: 

Fan the note cards out face down and have each team remove a number of cards equal to the number of people on the largest team. Don't let them look at the cards. Collect the cards into two stacks (Team 1 and Team 2). 

STEP 3: 

I flip a coin to see who goes first, but you can use your favorite method. I let the "winner" choose if they want to go first, or have the opposing team go first.

STEP 4: 

Pickup the card stack for that team and, using "The Forest Run" stopwatch as a timer, begin asking each student ONE question. Once the student answers correctly, you move to the next student and question. IF a student doesn't know the answer in 30 seconds...or hasn't said the correct answer in that time, they may "pass" to the next person. The missed question goes to the back of the stack and the 'next' student gets a new question. 

Once ALL the questions have been correctly answered, the stopwatch is stopped and the other team gets to try. The team with the lowest time to answer ALL their questions correctly "wins".  I generally award them a set number of XP and GP. 


Give it a shot, it's super easy and doesn't take up too much time. The students really get into it.


Love this idea, Todd.  Thanks for sharing! 

Looks, good. You could have teams bet gold or xp as well. 

YES, thanks for this! we just started using Classcraft yesterday...I have 6th and 7th grade boys...and they are already begging to fight each other! They are also offering me money to upgrade to Premium--hahah :)

Love this idea!  Great for formative assessment  or even a quick check for understanding.  Thanks for sharing.  :)

I have actually designed a character sheet for each character and the last week of school we do a team battle between the characters. They roll for initiative then they if they answer a question they get to make an attack. Then they roll for damage and use powers.

Hello Todd,


I love this as a quick check for understanding and a way to add a PvP component to class ( which a number of students enjoy).  I was you let students challenge individual students and not a whole group? Do you reduce the number of cards in this case to say 3 questions? Thanks again for a great idea! 

I do mine as a big team battle at the end of the year. With character sheets and dice and a stack of questions from the whole year as a year end review.

Mr. Linn,   Is there any chance you would share your character sheets?  I'm trying to come up with a way to allow students to gain permanent equipment, etc. that can be used in class (such as finding an enchanted sword that allows for a limited number of free test questions, etc...)

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