[Solved] XP Progress Bar


My students recently noticed that the XP bar is no longer resetting to the zero position when they level. Instead, it stays at about 80% full. Is this intended or is it a bug?

Yes I have the same problem... when they look at their progress bar they get all excited because they think they are about to level up, when when you look at the actual number of XP, you see that they still have 1000 XP to go to level up. 


I think I have an answer, but I want to verify some information first. Let me get back to you!

Yeah, I've noticed this too. The students are confused by it. 

Any news on that issue?

Hi everyone,

You will be glad to read that this small display glitch has been corrected by our engineers internally and we will soon deploy the fix on the live servers. The XP bar will now be at 0% progress when the students level up and it will go up to 100% as they gain XP. Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention and happy Classcrafting!

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