[Solved] Attachments not showing for students during quests

I have double checked that I put the attachments on the right task, but students cannot view the attachments.  For a quick work around I put the files in the old class content section and they can get to them there.  I had some students that were absent last week and went back to get an attachment that others were able to get last week and it wasn't there for them.  This is happening in all of my classes.  I can't think of anything else to try since it is showing up on my end ok.

Hi Rebecca, thanks for flagging this! We are going to create a ticket from this post. Rest assured, our dev team is working on this!

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Thank you!

My students are reporting a similar issue to me starting last night and continuing today. Not all of my students are reporting the issue. For the ones who are reporting, for some they cannot open the attachments in the quests (they're listed but when clicked just go to a blank white screen). For others, they also can't open attachments and they also can't see the YouTube video embedded in the quest's task. And for still others, clicking on the next part of the quest just leads to a white screen with nothing on it. If this was one or two students I might think it was just a student settings thing, but it's about half of my students (approximately 50 or so) who are reporting these issues.

I'm happy we were able to help you with this situation on the live chat, Andrew. Feel free to write directly at support@classcraft.com if you ever come across similar situations in the future! 

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