[Solved] Warrior Can't Protect Teammates

One of my students, who is a warrior, tries to protect his team mates via "Deal with damage later" que.  He is unable to do this if he also has damage pending because his name starts with an A which puts him at the top of the list.  It will not allow him to click on anyone beneath his name which means he can never protect anyone unless he does it right when the damage happens.  I rarely apply the damage on the spot because it interrupts the flow of my classroom and would rather let them do it later during "Classcraft character time."  Please help! 

Hi Mr. Vail,

This is a perfect question for Classcraft support! Let me create a ticket for you. :)

I have the same issue. My warriors cannot protect their teammates. It hadn't occured to me  that alphabetical order of the name may be the problem, but there IS a problem. Some students have had to fall in battle because warriors were unable to protect. Now the students are doing better, but HP is so low that any little loss or infraction causes them  to fall in battle. This is my second major issue this season, and I am quite frustrated. 

I'm having the same issue.

I learned this from tech support yesterday:  By the nature of the game, Warriors cannot protect themselves, so they have to automatically take the damage. In addition, if warriors have not learned the "protect" power, they cannot protect their teammates. I don't recall this being an issue last year, but it was this year and it created a tremendous amount of frustration; however, when I found out,  I was able to communicate this to the students so that we all respond accordingly. 

Thank you for sharing, Cynthia! :)

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