Random Events - Please Explain

Hi everyone,

I just started using Classcraft this week. I am unsure of how the Random Events work. So far none of my students has said anything about them. Is there a way I can see who got the Randome Event? Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

Hi Stephanie,


Random Events are started manually by the Gamemaster (you). Usually, they involve the entire class. You can start one by clicking the Random Event button (looks like a magnifying glass) on the left toolbar, under the Game Dashboard.

So am I the one who gives the event? For example, today's random event was all the healers had to wait for the bell. So I would then say to all my healers, you have to wait untl the bell rings?

Correct. If you have a projector, then the students can read/see the event with you. 

Okay, thank you for clearing that up.

Another question about Random Events ... if the event involves one player, does the game choose that player for me, or do I choose?

Hi, Stephanie!

When a random event involves one student, you can let the game choose for you by using the Wheel of Destiny. This video will show you how to use the Wheel of Destiny in conjunction with Random Events.

Also, students can see the results of the random event in their game feed, the button that looks like a newspaper in the upper right.

I must add if you are unfamiliar with the random events, please read them first. Some may be fun but some may not be applicable for you. I modified nearly all of random events before i use it in class. 

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