Can you add HP, XP, and AP options that level up with student just like a real RPG would do?

I have lots of students who actually play RPGs and one of their biggest complaints is that there is no sense of personal growth because they can't see how much their character is improving with each level up. They want their characters to reflect the strength and skills they've mastered by having the various gauges level upwhen they level up. Perhaps just an option in settings that allows us teachers to decide if we want to allow it and how much of an increase each character class would automatically get with each level up? I think that would be a great addition to the reality of the gameified universe.


Would that be something others out there would like to see for 2017?


Otherwise, my first year with this is going well. I look forward to stepping out into the other areas of the game soon with my kids.

Hello Señora Iadanza,

This isn't in our current plans.

Personal growth is more reflected in the newly-acquired powers and gear (characters get "cooler looking" as they level up).

Nevertheless, thanks for the suggestion!

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