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My name is Lee Coumbe and I am a science teacher at Churchlands Senior High School in Perth, WA. Curious to know if there are Australian teachers put there using classcraft to share experiences with.

Hey Nicolle,

I teach upper primary (NSW) and have had great success. 90% of my students found Classcraft engaging and the quests help them understand the content better.

Honestly, I have been using Classcraft prior to the marketplace so have made all of my quests myself. The quests are really easy to make!

Whilst I know that I teach 3 years below you I can send you one of my quests to show you how I work with English/History syllabus in quests.

Hi Lee, I have been using ClassCraft with my 5/6 composite for a year and I have just setup my class for 2017.

A fantastic resource to support collaborative learning in my classroom. I have also learnt a lot myself - like not having a Power to move desks for the whole day - it was just too disruptive. So I have adjusted that to being able to move for 1 lesson. Small changes but important ones!

PS: I am based in Sydney.

Hi Lee, 


I am an English Teacher at Baldivis Secondary College and I have been using this program with my year seven and nine students for over a year now. I saw behaviour issues drop and engagement increase when students were earning XP and competing in battles or waiting for the Wheel of Destiny. 

I am hoping to expand it into some more classes and attempt some across subject work this year as well.

I'm interested in dabbling in this as a means to help my grade 9s and 10s engage better. I'm based in Tasmania and currently on contract at a rural highschool for Term 1 & 2 at least. My subjects are English and History.
Any advice on if there are Aus. Curriculum lessons on here already?

Hi Luke,

Any chance you could send me what you have been using with upper elementary?  I am finding it a bit difficult to get my head around how this all works!

~  Kate

Hey Kate,

Are you talking in terms of online learning in the current environment or are you talking in a general 'face to face' teaching environment?

Wow that was a quick reply!  Not sure yet.  Possibly both.  Would love to hear any ideas and thoughts you have around it.

Happy to talk - I find it difficult to explain really well through message boards. If you use twitter, send me a direct message (@thedrainonedu) and we can organise a zoom or g.meets to talk through some of the things I used and strategies we have deployed at my school regarding online learning environments.

Dear teachers,

I am new to to this platform and a role player, teacher and media maker.

I am based in Darwin and was wondering if there are any exemplar adventures related to the Australian Curriculum? has any mapping been done?

Are there any forums/groups where Australian teachers can moderate and share Classcraft resources?

I would love to speak to any secondary teachers about your experiences with Classcraft in regards to behavior management and EAL/D.


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