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My name is Lee Coumbe and I am a science teacher at Churchlands Senior High School in Perth, WA. Curious to know if there are Australian teachers put there using classcraft to share experiences with.

Hi Lee, I have been using ClassCraft with my 5/6 composite for a year and I have just setup my class for 2017.

A fantastic resource to support collaborative learning in my classroom. I have also learnt a lot myself - like not having a Power to move desks for the whole day - it was just too disruptive. So I have adjusted that to being able to move for 1 lesson. Small changes but important ones!

PS: I am based in Sydney.

Hi Lee, 


I am an English Teacher at Baldivis Secondary College and I have been using this program with my year seven and nine students for over a year now. I saw behaviour issues drop and engagement increase when students were earning XP and competing in battles or waiting for the Wheel of Destiny. 

I am hoping to expand it into some more classes and attempt some across subject work this year as well.

I'm interested in dabbling in this as a means to help my grade 9s and 10s engage better. I'm based in Tasmania and currently on contract at a rural highschool for Term 1 & 2 at least. My subjects are English and History.
Any advice on if there are Aus. Curriculum lessons on here already?

Hey Nicolle,

I teach upper primary (NSW) and have had great success. 90% of my students found Classcraft engaging and the quests help them understand the content better.

Honestly, I have been using Classcraft prior to the marketplace so have made all of my quests myself. The quests are really easy to make!

Whilst I know that I teach 3 years below you I can send you one of my quests to show you how I work with English/History syllabus in quests.

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