Sharing with students

Hi all!

I am new to Classcraft and really like it so far. I am trying to figure out what to do about using it during class. I keep it up on my laptop and will award or take away points as needed, but how do you share it with the students? I can't keep it up on my projector all day because then I would lose it for my lessons. How do you all manage this? I think being able to see Classcraft throughout the class would be a huge help, I'm just not sure how to proceed.


I run it on my laptop and Alt+Tab between my presentation and Classcraft (CC).

Perhaps you could get an extra TV in your class and you could hook up as an additional monitor or run off another (cheap) computer.

Lastly, if you allow students to use phones/tablets/computers in class, the students can log into their own account to use powers from their device so you don't have to.

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