[Solved] Log in password


Today, my password did not work, and when I tried to reset, I never got an e-mail allowing me to reset password.  Additionally, if I'm not logged in, I can not access these forums for trouble shooting or other.  I can log in via google, but I actually would prefer not having to do that.

If I do not remember my last password (or, if it simply stops working) how can I reset?





Hi Roy,

You should receive an email to reset your password shortly. If not, could you check your spam folder?

If it still doesn't work, email me (support@classcraft.com) and we'll try something else.

Hi Scott,

I think my colleague Mélysa helped you with your password problem yesterday. I'm glad it's been resolved!

I cannot see my account on my iPhone can we reset my password

Hi Pam and Diane,

I've created a ticket for you both so we can help you more effectively. You'll receive an email from Classcraft!

I'm definitely having the same issue. I am not receiving any emails from Classcraft to reset my password. I did successfully email back and forth last week, though. Curious and frustrating.

I'm trying to access my teacher connect account, but it will not take my password.  What should I do?

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