[Solved] Log in password


Today, my password did not work, and when I tried to reset, I never got an e-mail allowing me to reset password.  Additionally, if I'm not logged in, I can not access these forums for trouble shooting or other.  I can log in via google, but I actually would prefer not having to do that.

If I do not remember my last password (or, if it simply stops working) how can I reset?





Hi Roy,

You should receive an email to reset your password shortly. If not, could you check your spam folder?

If it still doesn't work, email me (support@classcraft.com) and we'll try something else.

I'm definitely having the same issue. I am not receiving any emails from Classcraft to reset my password. I did successfully email back and forth last week, though. Curious and frustrating.

Hi Scott,

I think my colleague Mélysa helped you with your password problem yesterday. I'm glad it's been resolved!

I'm trying to access my teacher connect account, but it will not take my password.  What should I do?

I cannot see my account on my iPhone can we reset my password

Hi Pam and Diane,

I've created a ticket for you both so we can help you more effectively. You'll receive an email from Classcraft!

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